Hi, I'm Jodi and I've always loved to decorate, create and organize.  Growing up my room continually changed.  My mom would laugh because furniture was always being moved around, something on the wall was changed, or I had a drawer of stuff thrown on the floor organizing it.  I had to make do with whatever was on hand (money was tight), but it didn't seem to make a difference.  I do the same thing today with my own home and I still enjoy using things on hand and trying to save money.  Somehow it just makes me happy.  I guess it's my adventurous side coming out...ha ha!

Before this full time mommy gig, I was a teacher and if I wasn't teaching you could find me organizing some kind of subject matter, creating signs, posters, bulletin boards, and changing the classroom layout.  If I can make it educational I will and if I can make it prettier you better believe I will try!  

My three boys go along with my antics and my oldest will even help once in awhile (if it's too hot to play outside and he's bored).   Eric, my awesome hubby, helps out whenever I need him! 
It's difficult to find time for creativity and beauty in a house full of boys, but that's why I started this blog...I need it. 

Me and My Three Munchkins

Thanks for reading and maybe you'll even find some fun ideas or see something that gets your wheels spinning!

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